Time for ANIFTY to integrate with IPFS

2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Background story

The ANIFTY community has asked for IPFS storage for NFTs and we are listening. We will be releasing ANIFTY V3 supporting IPFS in Q1 2022.

All users with ANIFTY NFTs will be able to upgrade to NFTs with IPFS, semi permanently storing the NFT data on the decentralized network.

Benefits of IPFS NFTs with IPFS data storage will remain unchanged and will stay online forever as the images are pinned. This means that users will truly own their digital assets, no malicious intent can ever mess with it.

Why IPFS now?

ANIFTY started out storing NFT data on central databases to allow mistakes from creators and developers. If there was a silly error such as translating the Japanese title with the English one, our devs can easily go into the database to fix the error. As the community and company grew, it became apparent that our users have also matured to a point where this is no longer necessary. So, we believe that this is the right timing for ANIFTY to integrate with IPFS.

Technical Perspectives

Technical explanation of the ANIFTY V3 smart contract is an ERC1155 representation of an NFT. In the URI section, we will be storing a link to IPFS, which will serves token metadata such as title, description, artist name and image URL. The image URL will also be an IPFS link pointing to uploaded hashed image. How to swap ANIFTY NFT to ANIFTY V3 NFT On your user account page, you will be able to select ANIFTY NFTs to swap. Once selected, you will click swap and a metamask pop up will show. It will ask for permission to interact with the upgrade smart contract. Once confirmed on metamask, it will burn your ANIFTY NFT and newly mint ANIFTY V3 straight into you wallet.




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