Introducing ANIFTY: The First NFT Platform for Anime Art & Characters.

What is ANIFTY?

ANIFTY is a blockchain-based platform that rewards a global anime character community and strengthens the relationship between fans and creators. The name ‘ANIFTY’ stands for Anime and NFT.

In recent years, Japanese pop culture, such as manga, anime, games, has attracted a great deal of attention from around the world. And yet, there needs to be a solution to today’s industry challenges — the centralized ecosystem that monopolies ownership and creative activities and the inability to express value due to limited ways of directly supporting artists and protecting their digital works.

We are rebuilding all of this.

Our mission is to revolutionize the centralized ecosystem of anime art & characters by bridging the gap between fans and creators. With fans and artists who are at the forefront of pop culture, ANIFTY builds a decentralized NFT platform that rewards anime character communities and showcases what Japan has to offer to the world.

Artists can sell their own work as NFT art. With the combination of custom artworks attached to non-fungibles by applying blockchain technology, a portion of the transaction fee is returned to the creator in perpetuity when a secondary sale takes place.

ANIFTY Artist Registration Form:

Collect exclusive NFTs which are minted in low quantities by top artists who are at the forefront of pop culture.

The First ANIFTY Collection

Our NFTs are classified into 4 different rarities, Legendary, Ultra-Rare, Rare, and Common. This time, we have the following number of artworks available for each rarity.

The first series of ANIFTY Collection is only available for a limited 96 customers. Please turn on your notifications for the launch!

Artist Lineup

ANIFTY Collection offers original characters made by top-level Japanese illustrators as NFT. In our first series, three artists are participating; an enthusiastic fan of anime must have seen their artworks somewhere before. We have also brought comments from our participating artists in launching ANIFTY.

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About Us

Company Name: ANIFTY Inc.

Address: 2–2–15 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Corporation Number: 8010403024810

Establishment Date: February 26, 2021

ANIFTY Inc. is a start-up company that was selected for the 5th and 6th round of CO.NECT (University of Tokyo Blockchain Acceleration Program), and was established with the support of the University of Tokyo Blockchain Innovation Endowed Chair.

For inquires about our company or/and products, please feel free to contact us via the email below.


Find out more about ANIFTY at

Follow our SNS accounts for all updates and announcements.

Twitter: @anifty_jp






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