How to purchase ANIFTY Limited Edition Collection

You can purchase items from ANIFTY Collection using Ethereum, a cryptocurrency.

What is Ethereum?

How to purchase Ether (ETH)




What is Ethereum Wallet Metamask?

How to download Metamask

Send Ethereum to Metamask

  1. Take note of your public address
  2. Go to “Withdraw” on the cryptocurrency exchange website and select “Ethereum”
  3. Enter the public address you took note of during step 1 and enter it as the “Receiver”
  4. Set the amount of Ethereum you would like to send and hit send. (When sending, you have to pay a processing fee called Gas Fee)
  5. Wait for the transaction to complete! It will take a while

Congratulations! If you came this far, you are one step closer to buying ANIFTY Collection

Purchasing ANIFTY Collection

1. Click the Sign In button to connect to the browser wallet (metamask).
2. From the Discover page, go to the detail page of the artwork you would like to purchase.
3. After checking the total number of editions and the current availability, select the number you wish to purchase.
4. Click the “Buy” button to pay by ETH. (This is not the actual price.)
5. After the payment is completed, you can check the transaction details from the Etherscan link that appears below the buy button.
6. After purchasing, you can check your NFT collection on My Page.

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