ANIFTY, The First NFT marketplace for Anime Art, released its version 2

ANIFTY Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), the operator of ANIFTY, the first NFT marketplace for anime art, released version 2 on October 31, 2021. We are also pleased to announce that the total number of certified artists has exceeded 300.

The ANIFTY Marketplace, which specializes in anime art, was released globally on July 29, 2021 and handles NFT works by “certified artists” selected through a screening process from Japan and overseas.

Newly added features in Version 2 (V2)

In ANIFTY Marketplace V2, you will be able to sell your artworks immediately without paying Ethereum transaction fees (gas fee). ANIFTY is the first NFT marketplace in Japan to implement this technology on Layer 1 (Ethereum Mainnet). In addition, it will be possible to change the price and quantity of items even after they are listed (in such cases, the seller will have to pay for the gas).

ANIFTY Certified Artists

After the launch of the marketplace, ANIFTY welcomed a number of new certified artists. There are currently over 300 registered artists, including Tantanmen and Onigiriman, who are rapidly gaining popularity in the NFT community both in Japan and overseas, Haruki Minamura, who designed the Hololive Vtuber “Natsuiro Matsuri” ,and TAPIOCA, who illustrated the card game “Battle Spirits”.

We are looking for certified artists!
ANIFTY is looking for certified artists. If you are interested, please apply from the form below.

Number of Exhibits Surpasses 500

One month after the launch of Marketplace V2, the number of works on display at ANIFTY Marketplace has exceeded 500.

Auction function to be released in early 2022

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing an auction function in early 2022. The auction function will allow collectors to bid on a limited number of NFT pieces to determine the price. Smart contract technology will enable selling and bidding for gas-free.


ANIFTY Inc. is a start-up company that was selected for the 5th and 6th CO.NECT University of Tokyo Blockchain Entrepreneurship Support Program, and was established with the support of the University of Tokyo Blockchain Innovation Endowed Chair.
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The First #NFT Platform for #Anime Art & Characters. Collect custom anime art secured with #blockchain | 絵師とファンのためのNFTマーケットプレイス Contact:

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The First #NFT Platform for #Anime Art & Characters. Collect custom anime art secured with #blockchain | 絵師とファンのためのNFTマーケットプレイス Contact:

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