ANIFTY, the First Anime NFT Marketplace is Launching, Along With Certified Artists Selected!

3 min readJul 21, 2021

ANIFTY, the first NFT platform for anime art and characters, has invited certified artists to participate in the ANIFTY Marketplace, which is launching on July 29th this year, and a total of 55 certified artists have been selected.

ANIFTY Marketplace

ANIFTY, which launched its service in June 2021 with the concept of “Japanese pop culture empowered by blockchain,” released its first NFT collection, “ANIFTY Collection,” in cooperation with three Japanese artists (Nyori, UminoMizu, and Yawahara). ANIFTY had a record-breaking start, selling out the artworks one after another.

We are pleased to announce the global release of ANIFTY, a curated NFT marketplace specializing in anime art, in this July. All artists who sell NFTs on ANIFTY are selected through a screening process and are called “certified artists”. ANIFTY has an auction function and secondary distribution function, and at present, only illustrations can be displayed, but in the future, Live2D and 3D works will also be available.

In recent years, Japanese pop culture, such as manga, anime, games, has attracted a great deal of attention from around the world. And yet, there needs to be a solution to today’s industry challenges — the centralized ecosystem that monopolies ownership and creative activities and the inability to express value due to limited ways of directly supporting artists and protecting their digital works.

We are rebuilding all of this.

Certified artists can display and sell their own creations as NFT works on ANIFTY. By utilizing blockchain technology, we have implemented a system that sets royalties for secondary distribution and leads to regular income for the artist along with liquidity.

ANIFTY Certified Artists

From Japan, we have talented artists such as Yano Mitsuki, who was involved in the character design of the popular game Azure Lane; marumoru, who is the official content creator of the also popular games Arc Knights and Genshin Impact; Benio, who illustrated the animated light novel I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level; Tomari, who designed the Hololive Vtuber Shishiro Botan and the light novel My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In for Me!

From overseas, artists such as NIK, the background designer of Azur Lane, kaejunni, the character designer of the blockchain game CHAINBINDERS, and Garun, the author of the manga Pu~an! are joining ANIFTY.

With artists from diverse backgrounds and styles coming together under the theme of anime NFT, the ANIFTY Marketplace is already heating up…!

All Certified Artists

gyouzamakotoギョウザマコト/imahukuイマフク/InamoriRyusa稲守りゅうさ/Inkotori/Izuru Shinonome東雲いづる
kaejunni/Kavk@かふか/kokorominton心みんとん/Larienne/Looona Lou
makadamiaまかだみぁ/Makihitsuji巻羊/marumoru/Mametiti Minamoto源まめちち/Menbow Federationめんぼー
Murasame Shinむらさめしん/Naraa/Nanniimo/Negikun/Nibor
NIK/Nora Hananoichi花ノ壱のら/puccapucca02/risumi/Ronald Kuang
Rukaルカ/Saiki Komari斎木こまり/Sakana Harenochi晴のちsakana/SaltSeaCake/Seiji Kikuchi菊池政治
Shiki Fujimori藤森しき/siragaしらが/Suzuka Kyoda京田スズカ/Takokurageたこくらげ/tokeshiとけし
Yawaharaやわはら/Yahata八幡/Yano Mitsuki夜ノみつき/You Midorikawa緑川 葉/yuki hanabusa花房雪


ANIFTY Inc. is a start-up company that was selected for the 5th and 6th round of CO.NECT (University of Tokyo Blockchain Acceleration Program), and was established with the support of the University of Tokyo Blockchain Innovation Endowed Chair.




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