ANIFTY, an NFT Marketplace Specializing in Anime Art, to Support Secondary Sales and IPFS

2 min readJan 1, 2022


ANIFTY Inc., (Tokyo, Japan), the operator of ANIFTY, the first NFT marketplace focusing on anime art, has released a reservation posting function in December 2021, and plans to release multiple functions from January 2022, including secondary sales and IPFS.

ANIFTY has implemented a reservation listing function

In December, ANIFTY held the “Mint Festival”, an event where certified artists gathered to mint NFT together. As the event was well-received, we implemented a reservation listing function which enables artists to make a listing reservation on their favorite date and time. Also, we will continue to hold the “Mint Festival” regularly on Sunday nights around 9pm(JST).

New features to be released

  1. Implementation of secondary sales in ANIFTY
    The ANIFTY Marketplace will support secondary sales from around January 2022. In addition to the secondary sales currently available on OpenSea, secondary sales will also be possible within ANIFTY Marketplace. 10% of sales will be returned to creators of works as royalties when a secondary sale takes place within ANIFTY.
  2. IPFS support for new and existing works
    In response to user requests, we are planning to support IPFS for new and existing works to be exhibited in the future in stages from around February 2022. Of course, we also plan to support IPFS for works that have been sold secondarily.
  3. Follow and Follower Function
    In addition, we are planning to implement a follow/follower function in January/February 2022, which will allow artists and fans to connect with each other.
  4. Postponement of the release of the auction function
    The auction function, which was announced in the November press release as scheduled for release in January 2022, will be released after the release of the above functions.


ANIFTY Inc. is a start-up company that was selected for the 5th and 6th CO.NECT University of Tokyo Blockchain Entrepreneurship Support Program, and was established with the support of the University of Tokyo Blockchain Innovation Endowed Chair.
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